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Feeling Anxiety Free

Love your self

    Love yourself

    Smile again – I love your laughter

    What happened to your self esteem?

    I miss your laughter; I miss your beautiful smile – and your funny comments online which could make a rainy day suddenly become the best day of the week.

    Loving your life matters!

    The way you treat yourself has a great effect on your happiness in life. You see, you are the most important person in your life, not your spouse and not your children, it´s you!

    Tell me, how have you been treating yourself lately?

    Being far too busy at your work for a longer time, means that your workload is becoming too heavy for you. You should really consider delegating some of you work to others if possible. If that can´t be done, the reorganize your work and prioritize your tasks.

    What does it mean to you to treat yourself the best you can?

    If you could have one day next week just for yourself, what would you do? Write it down, at least four different ideas.  
    What would it take to make this come true?

    Love yourself – be proud 

    How do you talk about yourself to others – and what do you say to yourself about yourself? Do you point out to your friends what you have accomplished or do you mostly talk about the things you feel you have failed at?

    What means failing to you? There is really no failing! You just didn´t use the right means to fulfill the project, whatever it was you wanted to do. So, don´t give up. Plan a head, look for new ways. Ask around for advice, there is always someone there who would love to help you to fulfil your dreams. Don´t let the fear of failure ruin more of your hopes and dreams.

    Being tired all the time, feeling stressed about what you tell yourself you have failed at and lot´s of other reasons enhance the possibilities of increased anxiety.

    Stop being so hard on yourself. You are just great as you are!  How  many times have you started again? Whenever you feel you have failed, one of the best things to do is to do journaling and reevaluation to figure out how you can get closer to your goal next time.

    You learn all about journaling and reevaluation during the second week of my 6 weeks long master class “Feeling Anxiety Free”, you can read more about this master class HERE.

    Look out for how you think about yourself, how you talk about yourself.

    Encourage yourself

    Tell yourself how good you are!

    I would like for you to practice to look into a mirror every day for a whole week; smile to yourself and then tell yourself how great you are. Say “I love you” looking at yourself in the mirror. Say it with a feeling of love. Say it out load. I know this exercise can be a difficult one but play along and give it a try. It´s worth it!

    What needs to change so you can enhance your enthusiasm again?

    Write it down, write down 19 different things you want to change for the better.

    When you know what you really want to do – then write down your goals and start working towards them. You can do whatever you set your mind to!

    Enjoy to plan and work on how to fulfil your dreams.

    Jona Saetran
    Namstaekni ehf