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Feeling Anxiety Free

Book Coaching Now With Jona Saetran

Professional coaching has proven to have an amazing positive effect to help clients to move beyond pressing issues they have, personal 1:1 coaching as well as group coaching. 

  • Has your anxiety  prevented you from enjoying a fulfilling life?
  • Do worries and anxiety keep you up at night?
  • Do you often experience severe anxiety feelings as you find yourself in specific circumstances?
  • How would your life be different if you could get over your anxiety feelings?

Through my personalized work with my clients over the last twenty five years, I have become an expert in helping my clients to get over their anxiety feelings.  

I sincerely believe I can teach you  how to react to your anxiety feelings in a way that as soon as you notice them, you can right away diminish the effect they have on you. 

Perhaps you will find my work in some ways a bit different from other coaches you have worked with before and this is most likely do to my professional background and my forty years of teaching experience. 

When I work with my clients, my goal is always to do what it takes for them to get good results from our work together. It´s a win win situation. 

I always ask “How can I best help you as your anxiety free coach? In order to answer this question I ask all who are  interested in having me as their coach to fill out a short questionnaire. 

Depending on your answers, I learn a bit about your situation and what you may need help with.  
Then if I believe I can help you, I invite you to a free 30 minutes strategy call on Zoom, a kind of a discovery call, so
  • I can share some information that might help you and
  • explain to you how I believe I best can help you. This gives both of us a
  • good focus for the coaching and I gain insight to
  • which of my online programs would be good for you and
  • how I could best help you as my client.

Then you decide if you feel we are a good fit and from there you can choose what of my programs to invest in.

There are several ways we can work together; online courses, workshops, master classes, 1:1 coaching, group coaching, a master mind and more. All of this you can enjoy participating in online. A VIP day online is also possible on demand.
There are also free gifts i.e. ebooks, guidebooks and worksheets including exercises.

 If you have any questions about this, then feel free to contact me at

10+ reasons why you should choose me, Jona Saetran,  M.Ed., PCC (professional certified coach), “the anxiety free coach”, to be your coach and for you to attend my signature program, the master class „Feel Anxiety Free“ 

Signup For Personal 1:1 Coaching Sessions. Choose a package of one or more singular sessions where you leave with a plan for your next steps and I´ll send you a reminder email to motivate you to take action.

What Does The PCC Stand For?

Being a PCC Coach and being allowed to use the PCC  badge from ICF, means that through my education via the ICF and my work, I have been certified by ICF, The International Coach Federation as a Professional Certified Coach.

This means also that in my coaching I need to honor the professional standards of the ICF, the ICF Code of Ethics which describe the ICF core values, ethical principles and ethical standards of behavior for all ICF Professionals.

All my coaching sessions are 100% confidentional. 

If for some reason I understand during our coaching session that you should be seeking a session with a specialist of some kind instead of a personal coaching session with me, I will tell you so, and we will then stop our session. 

Here's What Jona's Clients Have To Say ...