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Feeling Anxiety Free

About Jona Saetran

My name is Jona Bjorg Saetran (Jóna Björg Sætran, written in Icelandic), I am Icelandic, I live in Iceland and I work internationally with my clients online. I´m a PCC coach, Personal Certified Coach, with certification from ICF, International Coach Federation.

Through my personalized work with my clients over the last twenty five years; business women, women entrepreneurs and women in other professions, to enhance their self confidence and teaching them how to get control over their anxiety feelings, I have become an expert in helping my clients to get over their anxiety feelings.  

My goal
My goal is to help you to get your anxiety feelings under control so you are free to enjoy a fulfilling life. I sincerely believe I can teach you  how to react to your anxiety feelings in a way that as soon as you notice them, you can right away diminish the effect they have on you. As you learn to notice and understand what triggers your anxiety feelings, you will be able to calm those anxiety feelings so they won´t stand in your way any longer.

Your life is now and it is important that you can make the most of your every day life, you deserve to be able to say “I love my life”. You must be able to do what you need to do without having your anxiety feelings or the fear of failure discouraging you, preventing you to take the necessary action steps to fulfill what you long to do.

Let‘s meet online
Today my feeling anxiety free work with my clients is online and there are several ways we can work together; online courses, workshops, master classes, 1:1 coaching, group coaching, a master mind and more. All of these you can enjoy participating in online. Later this year 2024 we will be adding a VIP day online to our programs.

Jona Saetran, the go to expert to feel anxiety free
You may ask,  What makes Jona Saetran, the go to expert when I want to get over my anxiety? What is Jona possibly brilliant at and can teach me?
Well, I Jona Saetran…
– focus on helping business women; women entrepreneurs and women in other professions who are struggling with anxiety,
– I ask them, „How can I help you?“ and I focus on their main problems that I believe I can help them with,
– I want to give my clients a solid ROI, return on your investment, with me.
– My vision is that my clients get good and lasting results from working with me.

I am not promising that you will never again have anxious feelings. Such a statement  would be WRONG and not be realistic. On the other hand, as

  • you learn more about where those anxiety feelings come from and
  • how you can calm them and diminish their effect,
  • you will find that a number of your anxious feelings will not haunt you at all any longer
  • and others won´t feel so scary.

You have then reclaimed your personal power and so you can concentrate on living a fulfilling life again. 

What makes my expertise special and unique?
My life´s experience ….
– working in the education arena for over 40 years.
my background and experience working with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.
– my extended work in personal coaching being a PCC coach, (a professional certified coach with international certification from ICF (International Coach Federation).
– my 25 years experience as a facilitator at numerous workshops, master classes and retreats for women suffering from low self esteem and anxiety.  
– being a business women, author, speaker, coach and mentor. 
– I am a continuous learner to better be able to help my clients.
– the effect of me aligning myself over the years with some great minds and mentors.
– in some cases you may experience that I make use of agent wisdom from Feng Shui and I also use methods of  learning strategies to help my clients to gain more insight and success from working with me. 

My professional background

  • I hold a M.Ed. in teaching and administration.
  • I hold 30 ECTS in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.
  • I´m a Professional Certified Coach, (PCC coach) certified by the International Coach Federation (ICF).
  • I´m also certified as a recognized human resources trainer, facilitator and business consultant for Brian Tracy´s seminars and programs, The Phoenix seminar.
  • I hold a certification from Peak Potentials Training; Train the Trainer I.
  • I´m the founder and CEO of Namstaekni ehf, (teaching, consulting and coaching) established in 2004.

So What Do You Still Need To Understand About Your Anxiety To Let Go?

There can be many reasons for your anxiety, but there is always something that gets it going. This is called “the trigger”.

In order to help you to take your first steps toward the goal; feeling anxiety free, I would like to invite you to download a free worksheet from me where you can start on your path to feel anxiety free by following a simple exercise.

In this exercise you reflect on a situation in some specific circumstances that caused you severe anxiety feelings and then you answer a few questions, writing your answers in your notebook.

When you long for loving your life again feeling anxiety free, this is an easy and a very effective way to start. 

Give yourself some private “me time” now to download this free worksheet from me, Jona Saetran, your anxiety free coach, and take the first step towards understanding what triggered your anxiety in that specific situation you recall in the exercise.

When you learn more about your anxiety and you learn to recognize the triggers in a different situations, then you can decide if you will avoid these situations, or enhance your self confidence to step out of you comfort zone to diminish the effect of the trigger. Later you will  be able to find yourself in similar circumstances  without noticing any anxiety feeling at all connecting to the situation.

If you found this interesting so far, and you want to take this to the next level, you might want to receive another free gift from me, here below:

Jona Saetran´s 7 Steps Towards Loving Your Life Again Feeling Anxiety Free.

Learn simple methods to  recognize what triggers your anxiety feelings.

Learn simple ways to boost your self confidence.

Learn simple methods to love your life and feel anxiety free. 

Learn simple methods to overcome your anxiety, and stop letting it interfere so much with your life any longer.

Feel free to download my free ebook right now and enjoy working your way through all of the 7 steps.  towards loving your life again, feeling anxiety free.

Love Your Life Again! Bloom In Your Private Life And In Your Business Life. Enjoy Being You!

When you join us in the online master class, Feeling Anxiety Free, you can do so with  confidence because I will walk you through the program and assist you in any way I can.  

I care about you getting the result you long for.

I want to help you to understand:

  • how your actions are often affected by and even sometimes controlled by your feelings.
  • how your feelings get affected by all kinds of triggers, things that happen around you, things you see, hear or experience in other ways.
  • how your self esteem, self worth, self confidence and your happiness is often affecting your actions and vice versa.

It´s important to me that you finish the master class and that it helps you with your problems with anxiety.    During the master class you are invited to two personal coaching sessions with me online. The first coaching session is already in the second week to assure you get a good start in the master class and then the second one is in the fifth week of the master class.


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