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Feeling Anxiety Free


Do you experience anxiety feelings as you want to do something you have been really exited about doing, but then you don´t act on it because your anxiety takes over?

Perhaps you don´t know  where to start or how to make sure you can see it through, so you tell yourself it´s no good trying., you will fail for sure.

Does this ring a bell? Has this happened to you earlier?
If so, then how did you feel about it later? Did  you regret that you didn´t act on your dreams?

Your life is now. It´s no good letting feelings of anxiety or your fear of failure ruin more of your changes to do what you love to do.

  • Decide to put a stop to it!
  • Decide to make some great and positive changes in your life!
  • Make that decision here and now because YOU CAN DO IT!

A Quick & Easy Way For You To Diminish the Effect Your Anxiety Feelings Have on Your Life

Far too often our thoughts can get caught in “the circle of anxiety“. As we are too busy for a long time, we experience a lot of stress, we start to worry a lot about all kinds of things and it´s difficult to find creative solutions to the tasks we need to face. A small problem can all of a sudden seem to be huge. 

When something unexpected happens that makes us feel unsure of ourselves, our self confidence gets lost in our negative thinking. At such moments we may say things we later regret, or perhaps we decide to say nothing. Our behavior can get irrational.  Can you relate to this?
This can also occur when you find yourself in circumstances that make you feel uneasy or scared. The anxiety takes over. 

How do you feel in your body and how do you feel mentally, as you start to feel the anxiety? 

Why do you think you start to feel those anxiety feelings? 

There is always something that triggers the anxiety.

You can diminish the effects of your anxiety feelings. To do so, you need to understand more about the anxiety and that is what I would like to help you  with here. 

Enhance yourself confidence to diminish your anxiety feelings for a lasting success!

Anxiety is just a feeling and in fact anxiety can often prevent us from doing something that could prove to be dangerous or even fatal.

As for our negative thoughts that get caught in the “circle of anxiety”, let´s keep in mind that a thought is just a thought, and most likely there are no facts to back it up. 

It takes courage to work on your anxiety, and I am sure that you have that courage within you.  I´m also confident that during our work together you will experience your self confidence get stronger every week. 

Many Women Will Never Feel Anxiety Free Without The Right Help

When the stress around us gets too much and for a longer  time, anxiety feelings are not far away.  Anxiety can also hit us hard, in what we can feel is like a long second, in certain circumstances that make us feel panicky, frightened or scared.

Instead of working on understanding the cause of their anxiety, far too many women decide they will just keep on going as strong as they can, but by doing so they keep carrying their burden which may prevent them from blooming,  loving and enjoying a fulfilling  life.  

When your anxiety feelings become overwhelming, it can feel exhausting and the very thought of trying to brake out of the circle of anxiety can seem an impossible task. It doesn´t have to be so! The most important thing is to decide to do something about it and then to reach out to get the help you need.

Carrying the burden of your anxiety feeling on your own, hiding them from your friends and family, is not good in the long run.  

Many of the women I have coached, had been struggling with severe anxiety for years on their own without success. As they worked through my course, and with me being there to support them, they were able to distance themselves a bit from their anxiety. 

This enabled them to realize the importance of their own personal power to change the reality of their every day life much to their likings. 


As you learn to understand why you get those anxious feelings, you become able to work through your anxiety which means that little by little you are able to let go of them.  

When you notice and understand what triggers your anxiety feelings, you will be able to calm those anxiety feelings and then they won´t stand in your way any longer.

Belive in yourself!  

Getting over your anxiety feelings doesn´t have to mean hard work for years to come. In fact you can enjoy following my step by step process, Feeling Anxiety Free, where you gain more self confidence, more self awareness, relief, calmness and joy every week of the process.

The Cause Of Your Anxiety

Working on figuring out what causes your anxiety feelings is necessary so you can have a change of letting that anxiety feeling go, meaning that those particular circumstances or issues won´t cause you as severe anxiety any more and at last they won´t at all.

When you feel uncertain, stressed, fearful or filled with anxiety feelings because of some specific circumstances you are in, or when you are faced with a task you are not sure how to handle, you need to try to recognize how you feel, mentally and physically.

If you manage to pinpoint how you feel under these circumstances it can help you later to identify when you are about to be filled with anxiety feelings. As you feel what is about to happen, you will (with practice) know what to do to calm your feelings and feel self confident in those and simular circumstances in which you have felt anxiety earlier.

The next  step is then to work on understanding the cause of your anxiety feelings, what it is that triggers the anxiety and makes it evolve.

My name is Jona Bjorg Saetran (Jóna Björg Sætran, written in Icelandic), I am Icelandic and I live in Iceland but I work internationally with my clients online.

For the last 20 years I have helped a great number of women; business women, women entrepreneurs and women in other professions, to enhange their self confidence and get control over their anxiety feelings.

My goal is to help you to get your anxiety feelings under control, so you are free to enjoy a fulfilling life. As you learn to notice and understand what triggers your anxiety feelings, little by little you will be able to calm those anxiety feelings and then they won´t stand in your way any longer.

Your life is now and it is important that you can make the most of your every day life, you deserve to be able to say “I love my life”.

You must be able to do what you need  to do without having your anxiety feelings or the fear of failure discouraging you, preventing you to take the necessary action steps to fulfill what you long to do.

For the last 20 years, this following sentence in Icelandic has been like a trademark for all my work with my clients; “Blómstraðu í einkalífi og starfi, njóttu þess að vera þú“. It translates to “Bloom in your personal life and in your business life, enjoy being you!

Some call me the anxiety free coach, others an expert in helping women to calm their anxiety, to feel anxiety free.

Today my feeling anxiety free work with my clients is online, fx through a 6 weeks long master class I call “Feeling Anxiety Free“.
I am not promising that you will never again have anxious feelings. Such a statement  would be WRONG and not be realistic. On the other hand, as you learn more about where those anxiety feelings come from and why, you may find that a number of your anxious feelings will not haunt you any more and others won´t feel so scary.

My professional background is in teaching and administration, I have a M.Ed. in teaching and administration, and I´m a PCC coach, Professional Certified Coach, certified by the International Coach Federation. My background covers also CBT, Cognitive Behavorial Therapy.
I´m the founder and CEO of Namstaekni ehf, (consulting and teaching) established in 2004.

So What Do You Need To Do To Understand Your Anxiety Feelings, To Calm Them And At Last To Let Them Go?

There can be many reasons for your anxiety, but there is always something that gets it going, that starts the anxiety feelings flowing.  This is called “the trigger”.

When you can figure out what the trigger is in a specific anxiety filled circumstances you have experienced, and perhaps more than once, then you are well on your way to be able to control your stress and your anxiety.

In order to help you to take your first steps toward this goal; feeling anxiety free, I would like to invite you to download a free worksheet from me where you can start on your path to feel anxiety free by following a simple exercise.

In this worksheet you reflect on a situation that caused you severe anxiety feelings and then you answer a few questions, writing all your answers in your notebook.

When you long for loving your life again feeling anxiety free, this is an easy and a very effectiv way to start. You have all to win and nothing to lose, so please download this free worksheet and give the exercise  a try.

Give yourself a great gift, some private “me time” to open op the worksheet from me, Jona Saetran, your anxiety free coach or expert if you like, and take the first step towards understanding what triggered your anxiety in that specific situation.  

When you learn more about your anxiety and you learn to recognize the trigger for that particular situation or issue, then you can decide if you will avoid this trigger, ignore it or enhange your self confidence so you can get out of you comfort zone in order to diminish the effect of it and then later be able to let go of that anxiety feeling.

If you found this interesting so far, and you want to take this to the next level, you might want to receive another free gift from me, here below:

Jona Saetran´s 7 Steps Towards Loving Your Life Again Feeling Anxiety Free.

Learn simple methods to design your future, feeling anxiety free

Learn simple methods to  recognize what triggers your anxiety feelings.

Learn simple ways to boost your self confidence.

Learn simple methods to love your life and feel anxiety free. 

Learn simple methods how you can overcome your anxiety, and stop letting it interfere so much with your life any longer.

Save Yourself Years Of Costly Trial & Error By Using Our Blueprint To Be Able To Feel Anxiety Free.

Why waste years of your life struggling along, trying to figure things out for yourself? You can save this time and get a much better result when you get my proven advice and use my blueprint, to calm your anxiety and to feel anxiety free. It’s like a shortcut which gives you more freedom to love you life and to enjoy it with the people you love.

Diminishing your anxiety doesn´t have to mean hard work for months.  During the only 6 weeks long step by step process, the master class Feeling Anxiety Free, you can enjoy discovering the power within you to to rise above your anxiety feelings, to calm them and then to let them go.

Are you ready to learn how to feel anxiety free in the shortest time possible? To have more peace in your life and love your life again without years of the hard work it can take? Then check out my 6 weeks online master class, Feeling Anxiety Free, including two personal coaching sessions with me, Jona Saetran, online as I want to make sure you get the most out of the master class. 

This master class, Feeling Anxiety Free, is intended for busy women who are tired of having their troubled thoughts, worries and anxiety, preventing them from enjoying their life to their full potential.

During these 6 weeks I talk several times about tense situations that can often occur when you are either building your career or running a business. I am confident that women in other professions will also benefit from those parts as well as the rest of the master class.

Here’s Another Taste Of What You Can Expect When You Take An Active Part In Jona Saetran´s 6 Weeks Master Class; Feeling Anxiety Free.....

Jona´s  vision is to show you that you really can work on your anxiety to stop letting it interfere so much with your life. At the same time you are enhanging your self confidence,  your self esteem, your comunication skills and more.

How will your every day life become different from how it is now, when you feel good about yourself, you love yourself and you love your life again

In the very first week of her master class, Jona starts to introduce to you what her clients before you have found very useful to change their every day life for the better. Then she tells you about the 6 important steps:

  • learning about the triggers that can trigger your anxiety.
  • practicing letting go of many of your anxiety feelings.
  • reclaiming your personal power in order to enhange your self confidence.
  • gaining the courage to step out of your comfort zone to deal with pressing issues with ease.
  • enhancing your communication skills with your family, friends, business partners or customers and
  • enjoying a more fulfilling life.

"Is this also for entrepreneurs, super moms and hard-working women?"


Running a successful business takes courage and endurance. You must really love what you are doing.

You need to be like the Eagle, soaring around on top of it all, overlooking all parts of your business to avoid the pitfalls on the road ahead, so you will have less obstacles to worry about.

You want to avoid having the worries turn into anxiety and you want to let go of the old anxiety feelings.

Perhaps you need to work more on your business than in your business and maybe you would like to be able to enjoy more free time with your loved ones.

Being an entrepreneur is not less demanding. If you are not there yet, today only daring to take the leap jump as you have been dreaming about your own business for a long time – well, don´t go anywhere, just be aware here and enhance your courage, enhance your self confidence along with those who are already out there.

Being active in the 6 weeks master class online, Feeling Anxiety Free, and attending your two personal coaching sessions with Jona Saetran online during the master class, you just might learn what you need to claim the courage that is really there inside you – to get you started on your path heading towards your dreams and your goals .

Love Your Life Again! Bloom In Your Private Life And In Your Business Life. Enjoy Being You!

When you join us in the 6 weeks online master class, Feeling Anxiety Free, you can do so with confidence because we will walk you through the program and assist you in any way we can.

Jona wants to help you to understand:

  • how your actions often are controlled by your feelings.
  • how your feelings get affected by all kinds of triggers, things that happen around you, things you see, hear or experience in other ways.
  • how your self esteem, self worth, self confidence and your happiness is often affecting your actions and vice versa.

Twice during the master class, you are invited to a personal coaching session with Jona Saetran, PCC coach, online. The first coaching session is already in the second week to assure you get a good start in the master class and then the second one is in the fifth week of the master class.

During all of the 6 weeks, if there is anything you find difficult to understand, you are welcome to contact us at and one in our team will respond to you within 48 hours.

Jona Saetran´s master class, Feeling Anxiety Free, is available both online via your laptop as well as on a phone app.

Here's What Jona's Clients Have To Say ...

Do You Need More Information About The Master Class Before You Decide If It Is For You?Then Claim Your FREE No-Obligation Access To A Part Of The First Week Of The Master Class.

During this no-obligation access, you will be able to follow an example on how to work with difficult feelings that can turn into stress and then into anxiety.  

Here’s what you’ll discover in your FREE access…:

You learn to examine your stress, your worries and your anxiety feelings.

You´ll start to understand the anxiety process and …

… how you can start to work on some of your difficult anxiety feelings so the won´t prevent you any longer from doing what you want to do.

You just might understand what has been holding you back for so many years.

You may realize what changes you want to make  in your life.

Perhaps you will realize that you can have a lot to do with how your life will be. You can decide about so many things in your own future. 

The master class, Feeling Anxiety Free, is ONLY for people who are serious about achieving the desired outcome in the shortest time possible and places are strictly limited. 


What are you thinking about most of the time?

What are you thinking about most of the time?

What are you thinking about most of the time? Your thoughts have a huge impact on how you feel.Mainly happy thoughts = > you feel more happy than sad.Overwhelming sad

Loving your life matters!

Loving your life matters!

What happened to the essence of your enthusiasm and your self esteem? I miss your laughter; I miss your beautiful smile – and your funny comments online which could make

Anxiety is just a feeling that appears in many forms

Anxiety is just a feeling that appears in many forms

Anxiety is a feeling that in many cases can serve us well, because it can prevent us from doing something that could turn out to be hurtful or even fatal.